Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pylonic Pictures and Test Pressings...

Here be some of the pictures people tweeted to win a test pressing by The Resource Centre.
Listen to or imagine listening that song from Vision On.
The winner lies at the foot of the page...

Lines of Landscape

Pope Dan Gusset

Black Classical


Martha Bridegam


Mark Chickenfish

Production Unit

Martin F

craig burston

Travin Systems Records

But the winner is...


Monday, 7 January 2013

New term field report - 'What I did in the holidays'

    North-Easterly orientation, interesting fauna.

First of all, a belated thanks to Synekk for sending me a sneak preview of new sounds back in October. Almost lost under a mountain of ephemeral tasks, I finally spent some time with it just before Christmas. Like a distant factory yard dopplered on the breeze, it cups a wrought-iron seashell to your ear.


    Startling arrangement, dazzling effect. Ferric.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time with the new tape from Keep Sheila on Acid. Life-support chatter drops in and out whilst tones warble and pitch. Blood-pressure curvature. And then you are outside again in that vast yard, surrounded by unknown machinery.


    Elevated climate. Noticed fluctuating pulse.

I was also lucky enough catch a recommendation for the J.Poorgrass tape on Travin Systems. 'Keyser Local' sounds like a swimming pool that has taken horse tranquilisers. I like it a lot.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

End of term celebrations. Trip into 13.

This has been an incredible first year for the Geography Trip. 
We released a tape and an LP, both of which made me smile wide in difficult times. 
The positivity towards what I'm trying to do has been overwhelming.

 I want to thank everybody who took the time to listen, but more so those who took the time to create.

I started The Geography Trip in order to further those weird sounds that excite me. 
What I got in return was a constant stream of new, exciting and esoteric music every day, recommended by you lot. 
Thanks again.

 In 2012, The Geography Trip was brought to you (in alphabetical order) by the following: 

Arduous Puns 
Barafundle Bay 
Cherry and White 
Dulcimer Bar 
Freak Zone 
Gruff Rhys 
HP Lovecraft 
 Inchgower Single Malt 
JG Ballard 
LTC Rolt 
Now Wakes the Sea 
Sam Tomkins 
Unmanned Lighthouses 
Wes Anderson 
Yorkshire Tea 
Zoom Field Recorder

The Geography Trip has some exciting plans for 2013, none of which are finalised.
Expect another tape, a 7" and an LP.
Expect an installation and live performances.
Expect contact microphones in hedgerows and hydrophones twinkling at the bottom of the canal.
Expect the unexpected.

I wish you all the very best for the coming year.
Trip into 13.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Astrostation NW

A tumult accelerates up the hillside shaking down scree like crumbs from a lap.
The compass spins like a clock face, so I toss it across the escarpment.
On a high, grassy bank the dome protrudes through green glow.

A strange silence descends across the mountain.
We wait to discover at what this eyeball winks.

But it is not observing. It is projecting, firing matter outwards.
Energy in transit, clear and oblivious of these dark and hunched uplands.
I lean over a wall to see some stellaria holostea.
My jumper is snagged on some barbed wire.

Friday, 7 December 2012

New World (Pre)Order

The Pre-order is here.
The obvious choice for the end of the world disco.

Limited pressing of 500, hand numbered in a custom foldout sleeve.
Utopian Tone / Dystopian Drone.

Have a listen before release here:

Pre-order here:

Transmission ends...

Monday, 26 November 2012

Albums of the year...

2012: a soundtrack of immutable quality. 

I managed to blot out the sound of rooks 
circling high above the substation and the distant 
choral white noise of the ocean for a few minutes 
to fall in love with these gems.

13. Carn by Kemper Norton
Slurtronica majus.

12. The Disintegration Loops Box Set by William Basinski
Cor aspiret.

11. Summer Special by Euros Childs
Aestete amor.

10. Shields by Grizzly Bear
Alienos cordam.

9. Abul Mogard by Abul Mogard
Capreolos industrialis.

8. Pardiba EP by Synek
Sonic potentia.

7. Red Night by TVO
Taenia taenia

6. Ekstasis by Julia Holter
Crystallus delicata.

5. The Belbury Tales by Belbury Poly
Umbra cras.

4. Novaya Zemlya by Thomas K├Âner
Quietum glacies.

3. Clutch it Like A Gonk by Moon Wiring Club
Chorea Edwardiana.

2. Sleep Games by Pye Corner Audio
Pulverulenta tonis.

1.The Ghosts of Bush by Robin the Fog
Uada domus.

Ghosts of Bush is a stunningly immersive work that, brick by brick, built a sonic cathedral around my ears. Surfaces and textures evolve from disparate pieces into a living, breathing thing. The biological memory of a space, the fleshy interpretation of a sonic event, recorded and experienced. I'm struggling to describe how captivating it is, but Simon Reynolds has described this as the ‘ultimate Hauntological artefact’. Which is pretty much what I have been trying to say, but phrased in a more perceptive and astute manner, obviously.